OpenDialog Patterns

Using in OpenDialog

As you learn about how to implement different patterns in OpenDialog please keep in mind that OpenDialog is a flexible model that can support a variety of different implementations. We urge conversation designers to use the indications below as a means to learn, be inspired or be unblocked but not as the canon of how things should be done in OpenDialog!
In OpenDialog support for openings starts by distinguishing between the Trigger Conversation and the Welcome Conversation. This enables us to differentiate between different types of triggers and even do some early user segmentation if required.
Trigger Conversation to Welcome Conversation
Dividing into the trigger turn you can see that we have two intents: intent.core.welcome and intent.core.restart. These are the possible triggers to start a scenario and in the simplest instance they lead to the start of the Welcome Conversation.
Trigger intents transferring to the Welcome Conversation
In the welcome conversation, typically within the Welcome scene, we then deal with the various other possibilities in terms of greetings, identification, welfare check and so on. As you can see in the diagram below, whereas the Welcome Turn is a starting turn the News Check and Capabilities Check turns are Open turns, this means that the conversation engine will consider them for every interaction within the Welcome Scene.