OpenDialog Patterns

Example Dialog

Here is an example conversation with a variety of openings
[user scans QR code and opens the web page]
Bot: Welcome to Hotel OpenDialog, I’m your hotel bot. How can I help you today?
User: Hello
Bot: Hello! Nice to meet you. Any questions?
User: What’s new?
Bot: Well, I’m always learning new ways to support our guests. One new thing is I can now recommend nearby restaurants! Would you like a restaurant recommendation?
User: Sure
Bot: Great!
The user initiates the interaction by scanning the QR code and launching the voice experience on a web page. This is the summons part of the summons/answer part of an opening. The bot responds with an answer that does some initial relational work (welcome, introduction), but quickly asks how it can help. This design frames the bot in transactional mode, where the assumption is the user wants to get something done.
The user responds with “hello”, a greeting that indicates they are still in the opening pattern. The bot recognizes the greeting and matches it with a “hello”. This greeting/greeting pair shifts the interaction towards a relational mode. The user and the bot are getting to know each other. The bot again offers to help (“Any questions?”) and the user does a news check (“What’s new?”). The bot again recognises this is an opening subpattern and responds with an answer to the news check, indicating what is new for the bot. The bot uses the news check as an opportunity to introduce a new capability, and offers it to the user. The user is up for it. At this point, the opening pattern is complete, and the conversation moves on to a Providing Recommendations pattern, specifically providing a restaurant recommendation.